Rory R Groves

Rory is a graphic designer, illustrator and business owner.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, UT.  Now married to his supporting and lovely wife Julia,  since 2009, and raising their 3 children.

He has worked in many different fields including manufacturing printing and publication and  has created several apps for Shine Brite Kids, while maintaining social media and a sister site for the Dream Big Project.

On the side he assists  his wife creating random illustrations, and party designs for his wife’s blog, the Quiet Grove..

When not working he enjoys prefers to spend his time with family and friends playing games,  eating food or wandering America. A lover of  history, politics, philosophy, music, adventures and a believer of self reliance and provident living. Cautiously optimistic, and hopeful in a crazy world.

 Now you know too much.

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