Magnitude Studios

Producing media that inspires thoughts, feelings and actions that create a better world.


Based out of Utah, USA. A studio company that focuses on quality entertainment. Magnitude Studios was formed in the aftermath of when a dream opportunity fell apart. We picked up the pieces and started out on our own. We envision a better world through what we create, and that entertainment can both uplift and entertain. From what we see and read to how we play. From graphic designs to comic to games and apps. We are parents, friends and family. We believe in you and hope that you can believe in us.

We are currently accepting freelance work, of illustrations and logo designs. While working on and finishing many other current projects. Including a card game based on politics that will both be released as a board game and app in fall of 2015. Along with a work based 2D side-scroller for Just 2 Guys.  Along with a comic strip based on youth called Oh, Grow Up!


We offer our services for hire. To design custom logos,  designs & illustrations, for companies, games, books and advertisements.


We create games that we want to play and nobody makes. From non-partisan politics card games and app, to 2D platformer about working in Corporate America and more to come.


We create comics about life. For those who have ever been young, to being an over whelmed parent, and current events.




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